Tuesday, April 21, 2009


All i'm trying to portray is a system of government based on rights. If someone violates anothers right they are punished accordingly. Instead of a system of laws that allows only loopholes and arbitrary punishment. A meaningful punishment should instead be allowed. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Do not vote. There is no point. Some will urge you to exercise your power, to get out there and vote.  But honestly all voting does is empower the government. There is no need for this, empower yourself, empower the people, empower mankind. 


Have no faith.  Learn, prove, know, understand. That is the only way of things. Faith leads us only down the road of ignorance. When we take things for granted, when we assume, we lose. 

Blind faith in science, is no better than blind faith in religion.  And all faith is blind. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

You Have Rights

Your Right to Happiness
All of your rights spawn from your right to be happy.  You must absolutely refuse any attempt to stiffen your right to happiness. Any attempt to stiffen anothers happiness is punishable by a consequence decided upon by the victim of your offense. However it must be agreed upon by a majority of the public. 

Your Right to Choice
As long as it is of your individuality alone, you may never let another definitively make your choices.  It is of every individuals right to express themselves in whatever way they see fit, as long as it does not do harm upon another individuals domain of existence. Conversely you must accept and allow the choices made by another individual, as long as it does not bring harm upon your realm of existence.  

Your Right to Request
Anyone may ask a favor of another without fear of consequence; Assuming that the answer may be given without fear of consequence. Regardless, the answer to any request must be respected. 

Your Right to Possession
What you can honestly claim as your property cannot be contested. It cannot be taken from you without your permission.  No living being shall be claimed as property if its livelihood is being denied. Laterally no individual may be claimed as property if thier Right to Happiness is denied. 

Your Right to Domain
Your land is yours alone. No one may enter, nor intrude on your land in any way without permission. This right is forfiet if a majority of the public decides that there is enough proof of a denial of happiness to investigate. 

Your Right to Thought
No one shall force or limit your thought in any way. However once a thought leaves your domain, it becomes part of communal thought. That is to say noone may be denied access to a thought that has been released from an individual domain. 

Your Right to an Honored Death
You have the right to have your wishes respected upon death, provided you left the required materials to do so. Your possesions will be passed on in a way you decide, provided you do not take them to the grave with you. 


Balance is not something that should be fought for. Balance has already been achieved. No work should be put forth into maintaining balance, for it is held in place by the very nature of reality. Instead we must accustom ourselves to this balance and use it to our benefit.  
Once we come to terms with the fact that balance is already had, we can move our efforts past petty things and into the realm of importance.  

  • Accept all things that are
This does not mean that you should accept all; only that you should accept all that is held true by the balance.  

  • Reject all things that aren't
Do not take, without first personally exploring, any idea to be truth. There are those who will wrongfully contend that something can, or cannot be. It all is; therefore allowing for a comprehensive truth to be had. 

Religion is simply the lens through which humanity deciphers the interactions of everything surrounding us.  Since the earliest religions Balance has been observed.  The most basic form of balance is that of two sided balance.

  • Evil vs Good
This balance does not exist. Good and Evil are human creations. Good is all there is, and evil is simply going against the grain. If we were to abide by the natural balance of things, no evil need even be known. 
  • Order vs Chaos
This balance is key to understanding. For were it not for the shear order of things, there could be no balance. But were it not for the absolute chaos of things, balance would neither exist nor matter.  By understanding there is both order and chaos, we can better understand, and harmonize with what is. 
  • Individual vs Whole
The strict order of things would seem to allow no room for individuality; just as the chaos of things would seem to allow no room for a whole. This is fallacy that absolutely must be rejected. Every individual conscious plays a part in a larger whole, just as every whole is forged of individuals.  Everything larger than a point, and smaller than reality itself is both a whole and an individual.  It is for this reason that an individual fights for it's own existence, clearly it is actually a whole trying to defend all the individuals it contains. 

A more complex form of balance is that of elemental balance. 

  • Let the Fire Glow
Expand. Do not still, for you will stop, you must continue outward in all directions. No obstacle may stop you. If we are to remain in balance, we must fight to overcome all that resists us. 

  • Let the Water Flow
Conquer. Do not try, for you will fail; all you must do is will. There are no obstacles.  If we are to remain in balance, we must allow things to follow the path of least resistance. 

  • Let the Wind Blow
Improvise. Be not bound by what you believe, nor by what you know; You must do as you will. For If we are to stay in balance, we must never be held to an absolute. We must never be placed

  • Let the Grass Grow
Understand.  Do not doubt all that is, nor make any fight against it; For it will remain the same.  If we are to stay in balance, we must accept the absolute. We must take our place.

The Understanding

I have come to the understanding, that I will not be understood.  What I say will remain completely contradictory, whilst containing no logic fallacy's.  This is because of the non-exclusive nature of existence.

  • Never compromise:There is no need.

  • Do not deny yourself; nor let any deny you. 

It all can be had. I aim to show you how everything can work in harmony, and the seemingly inevitable condition of suffering can be ended.