Monday, April 13, 2009

You Have Rights

Your Right to Happiness
All of your rights spawn from your right to be happy.  You must absolutely refuse any attempt to stiffen your right to happiness. Any attempt to stiffen anothers happiness is punishable by a consequence decided upon by the victim of your offense. However it must be agreed upon by a majority of the public. 

Your Right to Choice
As long as it is of your individuality alone, you may never let another definitively make your choices.  It is of every individuals right to express themselves in whatever way they see fit, as long as it does not do harm upon another individuals domain of existence. Conversely you must accept and allow the choices made by another individual, as long as it does not bring harm upon your realm of existence.  

Your Right to Request
Anyone may ask a favor of another without fear of consequence; Assuming that the answer may be given without fear of consequence. Regardless, the answer to any request must be respected. 

Your Right to Possession
What you can honestly claim as your property cannot be contested. It cannot be taken from you without your permission.  No living being shall be claimed as property if its livelihood is being denied. Laterally no individual may be claimed as property if thier Right to Happiness is denied. 

Your Right to Domain
Your land is yours alone. No one may enter, nor intrude on your land in any way without permission. This right is forfiet if a majority of the public decides that there is enough proof of a denial of happiness to investigate. 

Your Right to Thought
No one shall force or limit your thought in any way. However once a thought leaves your domain, it becomes part of communal thought. That is to say noone may be denied access to a thought that has been released from an individual domain. 

Your Right to an Honored Death
You have the right to have your wishes respected upon death, provided you left the required materials to do so. Your possesions will be passed on in a way you decide, provided you do not take them to the grave with you. 

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